About Us

Go Technologies was originally formed to develop and supply telematics solutions to the transport industry and fleet owners. These real-time vehicle and asset tracking solutions have been designed for ease of use and can provide considerable efficiencies to operators of both small and large fleets.

When Eurovox ceased trading Go Technologies seized a unique opportunity and acquired the rights to the Eurovox name, products and spare parts.

Eurovox has been at the forefront of automotive entertainment and information systems in the Australian market for over 30 years. Built on the philosophy of designing products for Australia's harsh conditions and exceeding the customer's expectations, Eurovox solutions have been installed as standard equipment in many of the world's finest vehicles.

The integration of the Eurovox brand in to Go Technologies and the complimentary product solutions will ensure an even greater product offering to existing and new customers.

Since that time Go Technologies has partnered with some of the world's leading automotive technology and electronics manufacturers to broaden the product range to provide a wide array of solutions for all customers. These companies include: E-Lead, PressurePro, Lectronix.

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